Bullfrog Spas Premium Covers & Lifters

Patio Performance™ Hot Tub Covers

Protect your spa, while keeping it clean, safe, and efficient. Genuine Patio Performance™ hot tub covers come standard with all Bullfrog Spas. In addition to their high-end look, these long-lasting premium spa covers feature an advanced patio fabric, treated to be UV and fade resistant, as well as weather repellant, and they are up to 25% lighter than standard vinyl hot tub covers. Genuine Bullfrog Spas covers are also designed to provide maximum insulation for energy efficiency. The Patio Performance™ hot tub cover features locking clips for safely securing your spa when not in use and protecting it from opening as a result of wind or extreme weather.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

CoverMate III™

Loaded with state of the art hydraulics the CoverMate III™ offers beauty and superior functionality. Throw in the aluminum full frame construction and beautiful mounting brackets and you will have peace of mind to go with the ease of use. This is a perfect option with no heavy lifting.

CoverMate I™

Supported by an easy to use mechanical coverlift the CoverMate I™ can help all to improve the ease of use of their spa. This time-tested cover lift, is not just attractive but also the best selling cover lift in the market today. Though the CoverMate I™ comes standard on all M Series spas (see M Series Spas for further cover details), it also available for all Bullfrog Spas.

Swim Series Roll-up Cover

The Swim Series Roll-up Cover makes fitness, fun, and relaxation even easier. Available in sizes to fit each Swim Series model, this innovative cover design combines convenience, protection, safety, and durability like never before. No wrestling with cumbersome flat covers and cover lifting devices – simply roll it up effortlessly from one side of the spa to the other and store it on a convenient Swim Series Cover Shelf (sold separately) while you exercise, relax, or play. In addition, the Swim Series Roll-up Cover is made from durable weather-resistant materials, keeps your spa safely secured, and shields your spa from the elements and environment, saving maintenance time and costs. Enhance your Swim Series experience today with the Swim Series Roll-Up Cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cover oriented and in which direction will it open?

The cover clips for attaching the cover are on the front (where the control panel is) and back of the spa. If you get a cover lift, it will attach on the adjacent sides of the spa. The cover will then open toward the back.

How much space do I need for a cover lift?

CoverMate I requires 10-15 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side.

CoverMate III requires just 6 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side.

Do I get to choose the cover of my color?

By default, your spa cover will come with the best color match to your cabinet color.

Do the covers lock?

Every Bullfrog Spa cover comes with safety locks and a key and conform to industry safety standards.


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